Thursday, May 17, 2012

RCA, GE, Mullard, Telefunken

I was very fortunate a week or so back when a family friend gave me a bag of old RCA, GE and other classic sounding preamp tubes, AU's, AT's and plenty of AX7's, I went through most of the lot and picked out an old Mullard from the 60's - it went in V1; an RCA Blackplate from the 50's - sweet in V2. The only thing I've heard that compares in my old Plexi clone is the old smooth plate Telefunken I had in V1 which, as fate would have it, got broke when it jumped outta my hand as I was going to compare it to these, one last time... Awesome stuff, NO comparison to ANY of those new tubes that are being hyped... etc, etc. Nice glass: Beauty.
Time to update the BLoG!

Beginning to get the GRaPHiX site up and running, you check it out HERE!
Getting the Internet Radio thing going on, with new stuff lurking on the horizon!

Check out the Radio HERE!

And MP4's are indeed available for a limited time on iTunes.

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The final studio tech work is very smooth and it's getting warm.