Wednesday, September 12, 2012

HoLLYWooD RoaDWoRK CD review

This music should be played LoUD!!! preferably on a full range audiophile system... Or, in your car (at traffic stops), and, if using earbuds, be sure to use the best money can buy.
    This is three guys playing live in a recording studio, LoUD. Real music played by highly seasoned players who have been playing together since they was kids.
    Fans of tech noize should dig this disc, the 8 string bass is huge and the guitar sound fx all come from the dude's speaker cab. The drums are inescapable. 'Elvis' does indeed include multiple explosions, as do 'Tan' and 'Prometheus'. 'More Is Not Enough' has that Debussy 5th's thing for all you people out there that miss that turn of the century string quartet thing.
    'Go For A Walk' is prime noize lead guitar, dual string bending without a harmonizer! Crazy.
    Put this one in your player and leave it there.