Wednesday, June 1, 2011


ARRANT KNAVES is now available on iTunes!

Guitar: Chris De Warenne
Bass: Mongo
Drums: Tiberius

All of the songs on this 'album' were recorded live as spontaneously created - meaning NO rehearsal whatsoever - and mixed by Chris De Warenne with NO overdubs; this music is three guys playing real instruments and acoustic drums in a room at the same moment in time.

ARRANT KNAVES have been playing together since they was kids.

Improv jams being their specialty this album is a collection of approximately 2 or 3 hour sessions at the studio in a total of five days time span starting September 2009 and going thru April 2010.

There is a website dedicated to ARRANT KNAVES here: http://www.ARRANTKNAVES.INFO

The Arrant Knaves BLOG is here: