Monday, June 13, 2011

Desalination and drilling the moon for helium3

Chris De Warenne HaS THe DeSaLiNaTioN iN PLaCe aND iS PRePaRiNG FoR DRiLLiNG THe MooN -- MayBe JuST GaTHeR SoMe HeLiuM3 WHiLe i'M aT iT -- THeN? iF THRuSTeRS FiRe, i'M GoiNG To MaRS!!!

Seems like a good idea, 'Desalination'. Indeed. Let me tell ya' how I see it. Hmm, and the drilling on the Moon too. I see a pattern beginning to emerge here...What would happen if the Moon is Falling Apart? No tides... add to this 'Desalination' and whatdya get? That is the question. Those wisenheimers better figure out a way to put it back together if they break apart the Moon on their way to Mars and leave the rest of us here with nothing but fresh water - that's what I think...