Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Present

I can so much better appreciate people in general now.
Well, now that I 've met everyone on the planet, past and future*
And it all collides beautifully in The Present.

"The Present? You brought me The Present?"
"Yeah Sweetie, I brought you The Present. It's The Olde Variations On A String Theme via DNA Treatise in MP3 Format you've been waiting for Forever and Ever, my Darling...."
"Oh, you shouldn't have, but you did..."
"Yes, I did."


Chorus: Then Nuit fell into a deep swoon and The Present was never heard from again....that is, until very recently.

"Yeah! y-yeah...! but, but, what about them tiny flowers under her foots?"

" 'them tiny little flowers'? Well, they weren't hurt neither, for they was only sleeping."

Chorus: Never under-estimate The Present! (you goofy little basturds..)

[written by -cHRiS]

ThE EnD.

* (the pre-hybrid models anyway, those without any of the genetic plasma nanite rom/ram implant, etc. 'Shite' technology)
[Shite: Superior, Humanoid, Intelligent, Terrestrial, Entity.]